Every facet of our profession - from design concept to construction implementation - is very much bound by the plethora of rules and regulations. There are times when I feel our profession is over-regulated, that we do have too many regulatory bodies involved in decision making that sometimes lead to project delays.

I can't agree more that rules and regulations are made for good intent. Imagine without them, our home and society will be in complete chaos and anarchy will reign supreme. Every individual will advance at the expense of their fellow human beings. The next thing you know, your rich neighbor will be building an eight-storey house next to yours!

Rules and regulations are like adversities in life. We cannot escape difficulties, trials, challenges and afflictions, but we can allow them to help shape us in a positive manner, or to spur us on to innovation.

Adversity only heightens our need for change. Needs become the primary driving force for new innovations. Hence, we can rightly say, adversity - beside necessity - is the mother of all invention.


About Bernard Tschumi

Architect like Bernard Tschumi is hard to come by. He is an architectural theorist and at the same time a practitioner. He is known for both - his published works are as influential and celebrated as his buildings.


Selective Collection of Bernard Tschumi's Work:




Quotation source: Architecture Concepts: Red is Not a Color

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