1. Two houses share a story

    In Italy, just one kilometre from the Swiss border, a traditional farmhouse with incorporated barn reaffirms its history while opening up to the modern world

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  2. On-board excellence

    Owners of new yachts can make dreams come true. Some go for a deck fitted out for an aperitif at sunset while others prefer the comfort of an extra-large cabin. There are even those who choose to have a “hotel-style” swimming pool

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  3. The 20th century revisited

    An apartment in the centre of Madrid has gained light and fluid spaces thanks to a meticulous project by Lucas y Hernández-Gil Arquitectos, which overturns the previous historical arrangement and creates new perspectives

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  4. Rethinking the city and the countryside

    In Katowice, Poland – as part of the UN Climate Change Conference – an important meeting will be held in December on the relationship between the city and the countryside. At the heart of so many of today's social and economic imbalances

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  5. A lighting design workshop

    The beginnings, developments, meetings and entrepreneurial activities of one of Italy’s most important lighting firms: Arredoluce. In a book

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  6. Ridiscovering the senses

    In the factory-museum designed by the Berlin-based Barkow Leibinger practice, high technology is combined with a tactile and olfactory pleasure derived from materials. It is almost a kind of compensation for what the anthropologist Ashley Montagu would call the sensory deprivation that has accompanied the development of the industrial age

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  7. Sonnier and writing in space

    Three exhibitions bring back to life the art of Keith Sonnier, who since the 1960s has been producing videos, installations and large public works. Always closely tied to architecture

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  8. Buen retiro with a view of the sea

    The photographs of Gianni Berengo Gardin can be found in the collections of some of the world's most important museums, and are a unique record of our times. This great photographer goes to his house on the hill in Camogli to unwind – a place where he can be immersed in nature

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  9. Paper landscapes

    Paper continues to be one of the materials most appreciated (and used) by designers, graphic artists and creatives across the world. An international award set up by the Fedrigoni group has been celebrating this fact for almost twenty years. On this occasion there are over a thousand participants from almost thirty countries

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  10. A green oasis in town

    In Sydney the SJB practice has redesigned the roof of a former factory, creating a penthouse with a large terrace in which humanity and nature find a perfect understanding. Suspended between earth and sky

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Quote of the day

"A building’s architectonic quality is not determined by the professionalism with which it was built, but by the part it plays in architectural discussion. A building only becomes architecture when it is discussed; i.e. when it plays a part in cultural discussion."

~ Carel Weeber quoted by Van Dijk and De Graaf (1990)