1. Arctic eco-architecture

    Lo studio Snøhetta sta realizzando un ristorante sottomarino con centro di ricerca a Båly, nel sud della Norvegia. Mentre un hotel ecosostenibile sorgerà ai piedi del ghiacciaio Svartisen

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  2. Everyone’s space

    Designed public space can be a temple, a housing settlement or a whole city. And it is the physical representation of the idea of collective living

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  3. Preview Abitare 578

    Preview contains the article devoted to Casa Bruma in Mexico City, where Fernanda Canales and Claudia Rodríguez designed a house made up of nine small blocks scattered around the landscape, along with several pages from other reports. READ Abitare Preview

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  4. Abitare 578

    Cultural centres in Cuernavaca, Hong Kong, Tours e Verona, atypical houses in Mexico City, Montreal and Tel Aviv, new offices and bathroom furnishings. From 21 September at the newsstands

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  5. Nursery schools inspired by toys

    21 new Colombian kindergartens designed by El Equipo de Mazzanti are built out of prefabricated blocks that can be arranged in endless ways. Out of this emerge complexes that are always different, and whose geometry meets needs relating to the organization of teaching as well as the challenges of a tropical climate

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  6. Goodbye to Robert Venturi

    Robert Venturi passed away yesterday at the age of 93. He will be remembered for the power of his teaching, which will live on even after his passing, and its openness to the possibilities of including different idioms.

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  7. The revival of Optical and Kinetic art

    An exhibition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam puts the spotlight back on the trends of Optical Art, Kinetic Art and Arte Programatta. In other words art from the time of the electronic revolution

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  8. The Memory of Aldo Rossi

    Looking at Villa Alessi in Verbania again today brings surprises concerning the richness and refinement of a way of thinking about architecture to which we are no longer accustomed, given the current obsession with global-style forms

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  9. London Biennale, the top 10

    In its second edition, the London Design Biennale already stands out in London’s crowded autumn calendar of design events.

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  10. Nature in the City

    A house for a large family, a lantern building and the extension of a campus reflect some recurring features of the work of the Vietnamese Vo Trong Nghia Architects office – the transversal nature of spaces and a strong presence of “greenery”

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