1. A pop-up car park

    The multi-storey underground car park that also serves as a reservoir in case of floods is an idea by the Danish architecture studio Tradje Nature

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  2. Spaces to dramatize

    The most advanced and innovative urban squares have a simplified design and thus provide an open and flexible kind of stage, that evolves over time and absorbs social dynamics in unpredictable ways. Here we present three significant examples from France, Denmark and Poland

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  3. Franz Prati in Canova’s former kiln

    In Rome, in the space that was once the sculptor Antonio Canova's kiln, the architect and artist Franz Prati depicts an ideal city enclosed in a carpet

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  4. A roof for sports

    Using an inclusive approach EM2N designed a sports facility capable of weaving together recent facilities, existing facilities and the landscape. Creating a functional whole

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  5. CCA recalls the Open University

    On display at Montreal's CCA (and online on YouTube) are a few of the university courses broadcast for the public by the BBC in the 1970s. An intellectual heritage crying out to be rediscovered

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