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  1. Two Twisting Towers Come to the Far West Side

    The Bjarke Ingels Group has designed towers near the High Line that twist as they rise to maximize views of the city and Hudson River.
  2. Venice Architecture Biennale to Honor Kenneth Frampton

    The historian and critic, whom the biennale’s president called “a maestro,” will receive the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement.
  3. The Prada Foundation’s New, Rem Koolhaas-Designed Tower

    Milan’s arts complex, which opened in 2015, is complete with the addition of the architect’s new building.
  4. In Memorial to War Dead, Israel Avoids Addressing Its Conflicts

    The new National Memorial Hall for fallen soldiers seeks consensus in a divided society by paring down commemoration to its bare essentials.
  5. Ghana Deserves This Cathedral. Don’t Fight It.

    The country will get to brag about a globally recognized landmark by a top architect.
  6. Overlooked No More: Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng, Chroniclers of Chinese Architecture

    In the 1930s, the couple began surveying and recording the country’s overlooked ancient buildings, in an effort to begin preserving them.
  7. Forensics Helps Widen Architecture’s Mission

    Instead of building a house or skyscraper, Forensic Architecture builds cases against human rights violators, scouring for evidence through social media.
  8. Women Say Richard Meier’s Conduct Was Widely Known Yet Went Unchecked

    More women have accused the famous architect of sexual misconduct, and they say the firm seemed powerless to stop his behavior.
  9. Viewing Europe’s Houses of Worship in Wild Detail

    Markus Brunetti’s photographs of imposing cathedrals and churches, both rustic and grand, show a breathtaking clarity.
  10. Architects Gone Missing

    A Yale architect writes that the architectural element is missing from Facebook’s plan to build a real community.

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