A Daily Dose of Architecture

(Almost) daily architectural musings and imagery from New York City
  1. Closing Soon

    A trio of exhibitions I visited last week: three of them are closing within the next week, while the third one closes next month. All are worth the effort.

  2. Book Review: Green Heart Marina One Singapore

    Green Heart Marina One Singapore—Architecture for Tropical Cities by ingenhoven architects
    Aedes Architecture Forum, 2017
    Paperback, 124 pages

  3. Heritage Trails NY, 20 Years Later

    As an extension of its exhibition, MILLENNIUM: Lower Manhattan in the 1990s, the Skyscraper Museum has launched an update of Heritage Trails New York, a "digital...
  4. Today's archidose #991

    Here are a couple photos of the Agricultural Rehabilitation Center KRUS "Granit" (1981) in Szklarska Poręba, Poland, by Stefan Janusz Müller. (Photos: M. M. Czarnecki)

  5. Due Spring 2019

    Last month I signed the contract for my next book with Prestel, tentatively titled NYC Walking Tours. Due to be released in spring 2019, the book collects eight architectural walking tours (plus two new ones) that I've been giving for...
  6. 18 for 2018

    Head on over to World-Architects to see which 18 projects I'm looking forward to in 2018.

  7. A305 at CCA

    Followers of this blog probably know I like architecture documentaries, such as ACB's informative half-hour features on modern and contemporary buildings. In 2016 I blogged about some overlap between those...
  8. Book Review: OfficeUS Manual

    OfficeUS Manual edited by Eva Franch, Ana Miljački, Carlos Mínguez Carrasco, Jacob Reidel, Ashley Schafer
    Lars Müller Publishers, 2017
    Paperback, 288 pages

  9. AIA's 25-Year Award for 2018 goes to...

    ...Nada. Zilch. That's right, for the first time in its nearly 50-year history, the AIA is not giving out a Twenty-five Year Award. I learned that news
  10. Today's archidose #990

    Here are a couple photos of the (new-to-me) Sint Rita Church (1966) in Harelbeke, Belgium, by Léon Stynen and Paul De Meyer. (Photos: Lukas Schlatter.)
  11. Never Built New York

    Earlier this week I finally made it out to the Queens Museum to see Never Built New York. Curated by Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin, the exhibition is based on their
  12. Meet ED

    Archinect is no stranger to print, having produced Bracket every couple years or so since the inaugural issue in 2010. Regardless, Archinect is making a big deal about...
  13. Vote for Building of the Year

    Head on over to American-Architects to vote for Building of the Year 2017. The nearly 50 contenders are...
  14. Today's archidose #989

    Here are some photos of the Vauxhall Cross (2005) bus station and transport interchange in Lambeth, London by Arup Associates. (Photos: 
  15. 2017 Highlights

    This last post of 2017 looks back at some highlights from this year: books I read and reviewed, exhibitions I saw, buildings I visited, and news I covered. I've tried to limit the list to a few in each category, and in some cases I've included one item from this year that I've yet to blog about...
  16. Year in Review

    It's December so posts here are pretty slim. Soon I'll be adding a post with some of my favorite things -- books, buildings, exhibitions -- from 2017, but in the meantime, here's a link to the Year in...
  17. Getty Center Turns 20

    The Getty Center, designed by Richard Meier, opened to the public on December 12, 1997. I was fortunate to visit the complex in 2003, writing about Robert Irwin's garden on this blog.

  18. Today's archidose #988

    Here are some photos of the Centro Botín (2017) in Santander, Spain, by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. (Photos: Ximo...
  19. Book Briefs #32

    "Book Briefs" are an ongoing series of posts with two- or three-sentence first-hand descriptions of some of the numerous books that make their way into my library. These briefs are not full-blown reviews, but they are a way to share more books worthy of attention than can find their way...
  20. Glass Tops in Union Square

    Over the weekend I was running errands around Union Square and came across the construction site for the renovation of the old Tammany Hall building at the northeast corner of the park. Designed by BKSK Architects, the new project, 44 Union...