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  1. This Brazilian Resort is the Perfect Location for a Wes Anderson Film

    The entertainment industry frequently captures unusual architecture from theme parks that explore bygone eras to remote locales in the hills of Las Vegas that often go unseen.

  2. Pablo Escobar's Former Residence in Medellín Will Be Demolished to Build a Public Park

    After a series of failed attempts, the Monaco building in Medellín will finally be demolished at the beginning of 2019, according to the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.

  3. Coombe Lane / Ampuero Yutronic

    This previously un-modernised two storey 1930’s semi-detached house in South West London has been completely reconfigured to provide much needed new functional spaces to this family home.

  4. Resilient Homes Design Challenge

    The World Bank, Build Academy, Airbnb and GFDRR ​ are looking for building professionals like you from across the globe to generate designs for cost-effective, sustainable, small homes​ for people living in underdeveloped areas that both reduce the risk of damage and enable rapid reconstruction following a natural disaster​. Winning designs will be published and winners will be invited to exhibit at the World Bank in Washington DC, USA and other select global venues.

  5. NP62 / KDVA Architects

    Light white colors, birch plywood, lightness and severity, naturalness and availability are the main requirements of the customer. Demolition of the old five-story houses in Russia under the name "Khrushchevka" begins with the city of Moscow and further touches the entire territory of the country where they exist.

  6. Nishinomiya・House D / Yuichi Yoshida & Associates

    The site is a land for the establishment of ridges, made by cutting out mountains in the suburbs of local cities during the period of high growth. Some houses have been built since the time they were sold, some slightly irregular landscapes spread because of the old residential areas, such as rebuilt and refurbishment or renovation or newly built houses . As a house to be built here, we thought that houses would be appropriate as if we had accepted such irregularities.

  7. BW House / FeA

    The 4 story house is for a family of 4, including parents and 2 grown-up sons. At the moment, those 2 sons are studying abroad and visit home occasionally, the house, therefore, is designed based on requires of the middle-aged couple, who asked for large and airy common spaces without separated walls, to easily keep an eye on each other.

  8. Hanyang Guiyuan Temple Sales Center / Waterfront Design

    Each city is given unique character by its history. Unfortunately in China most cities are losing their features after reconstruction and taking on almost the same image. It is imperative for urban real estate developers to retain cultural heritage of the city through balanced and appropriate design solutions. 

  9. House in the Air / TechnoArchitecture

    The brief required a House for a family of four on a 2,400 square feet site, located in South Bangalore. The clients aspired for a Contemporary design, iconic house in the locality that housed not only a living unit but also work and entertainment zones on different levels.

  10. Bløm Meadworks / Synecdoche Design Studio

    Lingering encouraged. Locally Sourced. Michigan Mead. Inspired by the owner’s Scandinavian heritage and DIY attitude, Bløm Meadworks was designed with simplicity in mind. Clean white lines and natural raw materials emphasize the crisp sweetness of the session style mead they serve. The varied seating arrangements: a customized concrete-finished bar, large communal cherry wood tables, and wall-mounted two-top counters; offer a variety of dining experiences within the 2,900 sqft Meadery.

  11. Boolean Operator / MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY

    For the event of the Jinji Lake Biennial, MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY installed a large-scale outdoor pavilion on the elevated plaza of the Suzhou Center. Its undulating enclosure interrupts the usual traffic, as an unexpected, emergent environment. It appears to have bubbled up from the ground, or dropped from the sky. The structure, both massive in scale and delicate in white aluminum, lands lightly on an ultra-thin edge.

  12. The Imprint / MVRDV

    MVRDV has completed construction on The Imprint, a new 2-building art-entertainment complex in close proximity to Seoul’s Incheon Airport. Featuring a nightclub in one building and indoor theme park in the other, the windowless structures feature three key design elements: imprints of the façade features of surrounding buildings, lifted entrances, and a golden entrance spot covering one corner of the nightclub building.

  13. ZNERA Proposes a Network of Smog Filtering Towers To Combat Delhi's Rising Pollution Levels

    Dubai-based architecture firm Znera Space have released "The Smog Project," a design to clean the air in Delhi, one of the world's most polluted cities. Shortlisted in the World Architecture Festival's Experimental Project Category, the Smog Project hopes to address Delhi’s noxious air quality by adding a network of smog filtering towers throughout the entire city. India's capital has become known for toxic smog levels from overcrowding and industrial waste. Znera's proposal hopes to cleanse the smog chamber and generate smog free air.

  14. House YY / Alejandro Vargas + Eduardo Tapia + Omar López + Christian Villanueva.

    The project’s protagonist it’s a great mesquite wich already has been growing in the land, the site has a much longer than wide proportions, therefore, and it was decided to enlarge the promenades inside the house in order to have the largest amount of living space, but withouth residual spaces.

  15. Does Form Follow Fashion? Viktoria Lytra's Montages Keep Iconic Architecture In Vogue

    Greek architect Viktoria Lytra has created a set of images exploring the relationship and interaction between architecture and fashion. FormFollowsFashion investigates the common purpose of architecture fashion, to create shelter for the human body, placing aesthetic as a common factor in novel approaches to the design of clothes and buildings.

  16. Liz Diller Designs Two New Pieces for Prada's 2019 Collection

    DS+R partner Elizabeth Diller has designed two new pieces for Prada's 2019 spring/summer womenswear collection. Created from Prada nylon as part of the Prada Invites project, the two pieces include a garment bag with utilitarian zippers and buckles and a raincoat that transforms from the same yoke style bag. The yoke style bag was also imagined as a lighter item for women to carry sketchpads, sandwiches and lipstick. The Prada invitation was made to expand the company's fascination with multifaceted representations of contemporary femininity.

  17. NOMA 2.0 / BIG

    Situated between two lakes and within the community of Christiania, the new Noma is built on the site of a protected ex-military warehouse once used to store mines for the Royal Danish Navy. Imagined as an intimate culinary garden village, guests are welcomed to experience a new menu and philosophy that will redefine Noma for years to come.

  18. This Week in Architecture: Complexity and Contradiction

    Robert Venturi - and the postmodernist movement he helped to form - was occasionally a divisive figure. For hardcore modernists, the referencing of prior styles was an affront to the future-facing architecture they had tried to promote. For traditionalists, the ebullient and kitschy take on classicism was an insult to the elegance of the past.

  19. Hackney Mews House / HUTCH design

    A complete reconfiguration and extension of a Mews House in Hackney, for a young, growing family.  The original two-storey, brick property was embedded amongst a series of buildings at the back of Broadway Market, and as a consequence, felt claustrophobic, confined, and had little source of natural light. To turn this small property, into a larger, more usable modern home, we had to be inventive in its use of space. 

  20. 111 "Magical Towns" That You Must Visit in Mexico

    In 2001, the Mexican Secretary of Tourism (SECTUR) created an initiative called "Pueblo Mágico/Magical Town." This program seeks to highlight towns around the country that offer a unique and "magical experience – by reason of their natural beauty, cultural richness, traditions, folklore, historical relevance, cuisine, arts & crafts, and hospitality."

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~ Harry Seidler, Austrian-born Australian architect