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  1. Photos Show the Light and the Dark in Zaha Hadid Architects' Vienna Library

    In Zaha Hadid Architects' description of their Library and Learning Centre at the University of Economics Vienna, they describe the exterior of the building as "characterized by two elements of contrasting colors separated by a glass joint: shell and shadow." For that reason, the building was a perfect subject for architect and photographer Edwin Seda, who says he is fascinated by the effect light has on buildings. "Design is created to work with natural light but is never really in control of this aspect," says Seda. "This set of images therefore explores light as a medium for architectural transformation, a sort of fourth dimension, that only materializes once the building is complete and the seasons begin to change."

  2. Limoges Courthouse / ANMA

    The district courts (TGI), instance and trade Limoges are now grouped in a new courthouse, which opened to the public in June 2016.

  3. 8 (New) Energy Efficient Materials Architects Should Know

    Whether architects are trying to meet the Architecture 2030 Challenge or pursuing their own mission to save energy, they have an opportunity to design buildings that can limit carbon emissions and be resilient against changing climate conditions.

  4. House Duurzaamheid / Archi3o

    This project near the Dutch coast was built for a very special client who is an innovator in home atomization and well-known advocate for sustainable architecture. For the design of his holiday home het selected architecture cooperation Archi3o. Project architect Renz Pijnenborgh, being a pioneer in Biobased and healthy architecture, created the house to be a synergy of nature and technology.

  5. School and Community Center “B³ Gadamerplatz” / Datscha Architekten

    “B³ Gadamerplatz” school and community centre is located in the new urban district of Bahnstadt in Heidelberg, Germany. The “3-in-1” building consists of a primary school with sports facilities, a kindergarten and a community centre. The goal of the project is to provide an educational and cultural space for all age groups and to allow collaboration and interaction between them.

  6. Corporate Office for Team Thai / STAPATI

    A linear sloping site facing the southwest, along a busy highway defined the context for this Corporate office in Calicut. The functional areas of the building are deliberately raised up from the ground, leaving the ground floor free as a multifunctional space. Thus the external landscape continues into the building and onto the raised portion of the land on the rear, which is articulated as an informal extension of the office space. This continuous space is resolved as a series of levels which allows the landscape to move in & out and form the spine around which all activities are organized.

  7. Protection and Preservation Policies are Fundamental for the Rescue of Abandoned Architecture in Argentina

    It is difficult to forget about the demolition of Clorindo Testa’s Commissariat of Santo Pipó and with it, the demolition of part of the Argentine architecture.

  8. Gender Neutral Playground Inspires Creativity and Intellectual Development by Combining Art and Architecture

    Having trained at Yale School of Architecture, Spencer Luckey decided to pursue a slightly alternate career designing vertical climbing structures to let children’s imaginations run free. Luckey Climbers are part jungle gym, part work of art that rise up off the ground with undulating platforms sprouting out, creating an abstract space to inspire creativity and intellectual development.

  9. True North / EC3

    True North is a development comprised of nine rental units and shared community gardens, located two-and-a-half miles from Downtown Detroit.

  10. Competition Finalist for Leningrad Siege Museum Reaches for the Sky

    From the creators of Museum Of The History Of Polish Jews in Warsaw, comes a competition finalist proposal for the new Museum for the Defense and Siege of Leningrad in St. Petersburg. Lahdelma & Mahalmäki Architects, in collaboration with Ralph Appelbaum Associates, designed three main parts: the Thread of Life (museum and exhibitions), the Memorial of Heroes of Leningrad and the Square of Testimony. Thought to have the popular vote, this entry sought to redevelop and reconnect the city of to the park and museum with its Neo-Classical grid.

  11. Inside the Rock 'n' Roll Life of Mexican Architect Michel Rojkind

    Today, Michel Rojkind is widely known as one of Mexico's most successful, and at times flamboyant, architects of the 21st century. But in spite of his success, his path to architecture was never straightforward; before founding Rojkind Arquitectos, he spent over a decade as a drummer in pop-rock band Aleks Syntek y La Gente Normal, an experience which he actually credits with sparking his interest in architecture. An article released this week by Surface Magazine offers an extensive profile of Rojkind, from his childhood, through his days as a drummer, to the difficulties he experienced on his architectural work--including the disastrous opening of Mexico City's Cineteca Nacional in 2014. Read some excerpts from Surface Magazine's article after the break.

  12. Cabin Sjusjøen / Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter

    The cabin is located in Sjusjøen, one of Norway's most popular areas for cross-country skiing. The plot is sloping towards the west overlooking the Gudbrandsdalen valley. 

  13. GSAPP Columbia is Launching the First-Ever Ph.D. in Historic Preservation Program

    Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) has launched the United States’ first-ever Ph. D in Historic Preservation. GSAPP is ranked within the top 10 architecture graduate schools in the US in the latest figures for 2017. It’s leadership in learning and experimental practice is about to be further enhanced by the introduction of the course. 

  14. Bus Station at Vilnius International Airport / Vilniaus architektūros studija

    According to the need of parking spaces and shuttle bus stop at Vilnius international airport, more than 150 additional car parking spaces and 11 bus parking spaces were designed, including five bus parking spaces under this new shed. Vilnius international airport terminal was originally designed during the period of Soviet occupation of Lithuania, by architects Dmitrij Burdin and Genadij Jelkin and built in 1954 by war prisoners. Later the terminal building was reconstructed several times and some ells, including a new terminal and car ramp, were built.

  15. Sangkep / IBUKU

    Sangkep is a multipurpose event space at the Green School, which hosts presentations and events, with a capacity of about 300 people. I Gusti Ngurah Ketut Putra Wiarsa, architect and bamboo model specialist in IBUKU, points out that Sangkep impresses by its structural boldness.  Its arches reach large spans, while being a lightweight structure visually. These arches reach a span of 15 meters, with 4 points of support, in a structural reasoning similar to the Bamboo Bridge. Between the 4 support points there are 19-20 meters (distant supports) and 9-10 meters (close supports). An oval stone ring receives the supports, also being used as a grandstand.

  16. PKM+ / ODETO.A

    First, in importance is client wanted to remain some parts of existing house instead construct a new building. The existing house from 1968 had lots of issued: unnecessary spaces (ex. excessive floor heating plate, disproportionate ceiling structure, inefficient routes for facilities, and etc.), insufficient space height, deficient insulation, and deteriorated façade.

  17. Fitzroy Crossing Renal Hostel / iredale pedersen hook architects


  18. The People’s Chapel / Poiesis Architects

    Emmanuel @ Everitt is a small church sitting on a 200 sqm sliver of land in a mature landed residential estate. The original church occupied a single storey corner terrace house built in the 1940s. Plans for rebuilding came about after heavy downpour in October 2010 caused serious damage, rendering it unsafe for occupation.

  19. Crystalscape / Moriyuki Ochiai Architects

    We performed the interior design for a beauty salon. Deliverables included a space exuding the radiance associated with beautiful, vibrant and shiny hair brimming with vitality. Therefore, we endeavored to create a space that would envelop the body in such radiance by making the entire ceiling into a luminous crystal symbolizing the ideal of resplendent hair.

  20. BIG Reveals Updated Vision for Smithsonian Campus Master Plan Scheme

    BIG has unveiled an updated vision for the new Campus Master Plan for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., after taking into account over 3 years of community input and collaboration with the storied museum and research institution. The revised proposal pays particular attention to the preservation of unique character of the Enid A. Haupt Garden while still addressing the existing and future needs of the Smithsonian at one of the nation’s most historically significant sites.