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  1. ArchDaily's 2019 Building of the Year Awards are Now Open for Nominations

    2018 marked a banner year for ArchDaily. Our global audience has continued to grow in leaps and bounds, taking advantage of the nearly 40,000 new articles and 4300 projects added to our site. We are proud and excited to reach readers in every corner of the world, and we savor the opportunity to continue sharing the inspiration, knowledge, and tools needed to design a positive urbanizing world.

  2. Patio House / OOAK Architects

    After having travelled to Greece for many years to windsurf, a Paris-based French-Swedish couple finally found their dream spot on the windy island of Karpathos. The search for the perfect site was long, but the minute they saw this amazing property they knew that they had found their place: a dramatic plot of land with open views of the Aegean Sea and direct views of the windsurfers on the beach of Afiarti.

  3. Solve Complex Architectural Details With This 'Contour Duplicator Gauge'

    Most of the materials that we use in the construction of our projects have shapes and dimensions that seek to facilitate their storage, transfer, and installation, being constituted in its majority by orthogonal modulations. These straight angles don't always fit with the irregularity of our designs, nor do they coincide exactly when encountering more organic materials or other specific elements such as ducts, pillars, or furniture.

  4. OPEN Architects' Chapel of Sound Reimagines the Concert Hall

    Nestled in a valley north of Beijing, a building will soon be completed that may appear to have always been there, or to have emerged from and grown out of the surrounding stony landscape. OPEN Architects’ Chapel of Sound in Chengde, China was recently recognized in the 66th annual Progressive Architecture (P/A) Awards, chosen as one of ten projects to receive the commendation. The P/A Awards focus on innovative, ongoing work that promotes new ways of thinking about architecture. The Chapel of Sound was noted for its creation of a new, progressive type of environment and its reimagining of an established typology.

  5. The Beauty in the Imperfections of Ruins in Architecture

    If walls could speak, they would have the most stories to tell - stories of antiquity, war, scandal, and reconciliation. Approaches to preservation are as varied as the architects behind them, but many take on the challenge with flair and restraint in equal measure. It is common to see preservation that combines ancient structure with contemporary features, creating beautiful combinations of old and new.

  6. Casa De Masi / Toti Semerano

    Turning a country house, lost in the Agro di Casarano from an anonymous building without quality in a meeting place between art and architecture was not a recent request. It would have been much simpler to demolish the existing one and redesign the whole lot from scratch, instead we chose not to make a clean sweep, but rather to accept the actual state as a starting point: the old factory building is It was wrapped in a new wrapping, a white wooden lining that redefines the volume, unifying it, and redraws the score of the facades.

  7. Extension Grieder-Swarovski / Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architekten

    In 2015 the clients decided to build an underground extension and undertake a rearrangement of the house, whereby the building was divided into two independent apartments. The clients’ main apartment covered the ground and the first floor orientated both towards the garden encompassed by the L-shaped building and the west-facing outdoor area adjoining the woods and supplemented with raised plant beds.

  8. LAGI 2019: Design the Future of Renewable Energy

    The LAGI 2019 competition offers designers and creatives the opportunity to re-imagine energy infrastructure and demonstrate the beauty of a 100% renewable world. The latest challenge from the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI)—with a 1st Place Prize of $40,000 USD and a 2nd Place Prize of $10,000—invites you to design a work of public art for Masdar City, Abu Dhabi that will contribute clean kilowatt-hours to the city grid while beautifying one of the most important civic spaces in the low-carbon masterplan.

  9. Gwangmyeong YMCA Byeopssi School / JYA-RCHITECTS

    “When we first decided to build, the thing we were most worried about was that the new school might be too comfortable and that the kids might get too used to being comfortable." The philosophy of Byeopssi School, the way I understand it, is to be an ‘uncomfortable school’. 

  10. Ring / Life Style Koubou

    The premises are easily accessible and fairly wide, located in a category 1 medium- and high-rise exclusive residential district, and have a busy road, albeit one-way, right in front and tall apartment buildings on both sides.

  11. Dough & CO / Tomi Atelier Architecs

    As for this project, the client has requested us to come up with a design that would turn this space to be more than just a normal “Café”. This place shall be more flexible and capable to hold many functions such as a corporate meeting point, a chillax place, a place for an exhibition event where people come and exchange their knowledge.  Moreover, it could become a destination for someone who would wish to restore their health and mind with freshly cooked food that is originated from the café’s own recipe.

  12. House-K / Atelier KUKKA Architects

    This is a house for a family (a couple and two children). A site is located at the south foot of high mountains(3200 ft. above sea level), near Kanto plain, Japan. Originally, the site was a forest of Japanese walnuts. In many trees, there is a remarkably big and impressive one. The family hoped to leave this.

  13. Institute at School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada / MO-OF

    The School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada, attempts to make the campus an institutional centre in the city of Vijayawada. The institutional building is a platform for debate, exchange and dissemination and becomes a deep gateway and an interface to the entire campus. The Institute draws on the austere ideologies from Brutalism as a form of expression as a response to the extreme climate, and positions it contextually in Vijayawada.

  14. Nanshanli Hotel / Linjian Design Studio

    The project is located in the South Bank Scenic Area of Chongqing City, China. The original site is a 20 mu old courtyard, which is a few random single buildings at the end of the last century. The terrain is very undulating and the vegetation is dense. Therefore, the rich level of natural environment is our greatest advantage, and the difficulty of old buildings transformation is our greatest challenge.

  15. SLD Residence / Davidov Partners Architects

    A stark monolithic facade disguises a house abundant in natural light.  The SLD Residence is located on a busy road in inner-Melbourne. Whilst the road is a prominent tree lined boulevard our clients wished to maintain a sense of privacy from the street in both a visual and acoustic sense. 

  16. From Digital to Built: Six Experimentations With Brick

    Argentine firm Estudio Arzubialde and Chilean architect Verónica Arcos led a Material Experimentation Workshop in Rosario, Argentina, during which six different groups of students designed and built projects using a variety of brick laying techniques.

  17. Quebec Pool House / Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

    This pool house and spa is constructed into the side of a mountain at the point where it meets the St. Lawrence River valley floor. Built for a discerning client on his rural property west of Montreal, this seemingly simple structure is intricately crafted. This is a minimalist project, inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s 1929 Barcelona Pavilion, which established the grammar for this elemental modern architecture.

  18. Self+ / Kube Arquitetura

    For the physical store of the label Self+, in Botafogo, one of the most bohemian neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, we used the persona who inspires the brand to create the concept of the store design.

  19. SquareOne Proposes Repurposing a Water Tower as Public Spas/Student Housing


  20. UPL Operation Center / Studio Anónimo

    On our first site visit, we found a site with a dense tropical vegetation and an irregular topography that descended to the inside of the terrain. We face a humid tropical weather, with an exuberant flora that allowed us to emphasize views and have an experience between trees and ground plants. There’s an important architectural tradition in Limón that during history has managed to adapt to the climate condition, not only in precipitation and sunlight but to an aesthetic and functional level. 

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