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  1. Future Humanity. A Cross-continental reflection on man and technology

  2. Corten steel envelops live-work space set among red roofs on a Bavarian hill

  3. Normal House is a “straightforward” home inspired by Neave Brown’s social housing

  4. Foster + Partners reveals tulip-shaped skyscraper for London

  5. Death ties Mexico and Africa

  6. The sarcophagus of a shrew and more such gems, all selected by Juman Malouf and Wes Anderson in Vienna

  7. Journey to the heart of everyday objects: the cork and the wine bottle

  8. Atelier Data half buries bright white villa into the rolling plains of Alentejo

  9. Las Pozas. A Surrealist sanctuary deep in the forest

  10. Phan Thao Dang turns sewage pipe offcuts into furniture collection

  11. A contemporary fetish dedicated to water

  12. China. Changing scapes in Architecture: Aranya Beidaihe

    China. Architectural landscapes in transformation: Aranya Beidaihe. The Dune Museum, designed by Beijing's OPEN Architecture studio and inaugurated on October 13 in the city of Qinhuangdao is an example.
  13. Sydney. A high-end residence transforms an abandoned warehouse

  14. Grayson Perry. Dialectical contradictions between truth and artificiality

  15. Alessandro Mendini designs one-off furniture collection for Alpi

  16. The combination of water supply and urban planning is key to future Africa

    The relationship between water and planning is at the base of Africa of the future. Interview with Maria Chiara Pastore, who has just published for Routledge the book Re-interpreting the Relationship Between Water and Urban Planning: the Case of Dar es Salaam
  17. MAD’s Beijing kindergarten proposes how ancient and contemporary can coexist

  18. Copper roof funnels sky light into London home

  19. A mountaineers’ hut is born on the crests of the Alps

  20. Dyson develops wearable air purifier technology to fight pollution

Quote of the day

"A building’s architectonic quality is not determined by the professionalism with which it was built, but by the part it plays in architectural discussion. A building only becomes architecture when it is discussed; i.e. when it plays a part in cultural discussion."

~ Carel Weeber quoted by Van Dijk and De Graaf (1990)