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  1. Florence. Numeroventi reinvents the artist residence

    One of Florence’s most stunning historic palazzos hosts an innovative creative co-living space: artist residences, exhibitions and four apartments (on Airbnb) open to everyone. Its creator, Martino di Napoli Rampolla, sat down with us.
  2. Rome. An apartment for an art collector inside Palazzo Doria Pamphilj

  3. Design and architecture: the fashion designer Arthur Arbesse’s passions

  4. Paris. Laurent Niget investigates the potential of a 19th century lot

  5. Milan. Amalia Del Ponte’s solar clock

    It shows the time, the seasons and the signs of the zodiac with a shaft of light which passes through a fissure: the Milanese artist, born in 1936 speaks for the first time about her new public sculpture.
  6. Tirana. 51N4E makes the void resurface at Skanderbeg Square

  7. Germany. Max Dudler designs Heidenheim’s new library

  8. Etherea. Neoclassic geometries for Coachella music festival

    On the occasion of Coachella 2018, Edoardo Tresoldi realizes an impressive architecture made out of metal, wind and natural light, in symbiosis with the wild and vast American landscape.
  9. U-Joints at the Plusdesign Gallery

  10. Valentina Cameranesi, a show for happy eyes

  11. Belgium. An ordinary architecture by Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu

  12. Yona Friedman on show at the Castle of Rochechouart

  13. Surprises and reconfirmations at the 23rd edition of miart

  14. The 1+1+1 exhibition returns to Assab One

  15. Tellurico. Designing in the shadow of a volcano

  16. Melbourne Design Week 2018: Improving bodies, homes, regions, systems

  17. Portugal. A story on simplicity in stone, wood and concrete

  18. The design culture of Marangoni's students at Salone 2018

  19. Daniel Libeskind. Time is out of joint

  20. Polimi and Domus at Salone 2018: an experimental laboratory for video-journalism

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