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Reviews and images of architecture, interior, building and landscape projects from AGM Publishing.
  1. Island time: Fiji home

    With sparkling waters on one side and lush mountains on the other, this house is the stuff tropical dreams are made of.
  2. Painterly yet practical: B&B Residence

    This precisely curated extension to a Queensland home responds to the intensity of the sun and evokes a sense of calm.
  3. Taihape works to shake off its 'gumboot' image

    Locals want everyone to know there’s a lot more to tempt tourists into this settlement than an affinity with rubber boots.
  4. Ground control: Rocket Lab

    Rocket Lab’s new Auckland headquarters boasts a good dollop of theatre, science fiction and the very serious business of sending satellites into space. We set out to discover how its interior design copes with the very unique brief.
  5. Unapologetically suburban: Binary House

    A Sydney home subverts the physical and conceptual limitations of an “unapologetically suburban” setting.
  6. At home with Sabine Marcelis

    Step inside the converted-warehouse Rotterdam home of this Dutch-New Zealand rising industrial design star.
  7. Shack sophisticate: PR House

    This new beach house is an elegant and respectful re-imagining of the original modernist shack that once stood on the site.
  8. Party out the back: Auckland villa

    This Ponsonby home was renovated with the hope of maximising the social and entertainment potential of its garden area.
  9. Hot House: Melbourne hiro-en

    This home in Melbourne’s Barrington blurs the spatial boundaries between inside and out.
  10. The third place: Tūranga

    Christchurch’s new central library welcomes all and inspires the pursuit of knowledge.
  11. Sensory experience: Mosman House

    This abode draws the eye to the celebrated view while inspiring a tactile connection to the interior of the house.
  12. Southern solitude: Bruny Island Cabin

    Built as an escape from everyday life, this cabin celebrates the Tasmanian landscape and is a reminder of simple pleasures.
  13. Best of 2018: Top five commercial projects

    A look back at our most popular commercial projects in New Zealand of 2018.
  14. Best of 2018: Top five houses

    As the year comes to a close, we revisit some of the best New Zealand houses of the year.
  15. An elegant solution: Bellevue Hill House IV

    This large but nuanced house by Popov Bass in Sydney is an exemplar of complex architectural problem-solving.

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